When I think back to a few years ago when Lukla and I discussed setting up our Vascular and Wound Care service for patients, I remember being pleasantly surprised that we both shared the same vision and goals for our patients best care. We have always known what works for patients and what people look for in a service and in a clinician. How do we know? Well, patients have told us so over the years. Collaboration, Excellence and Kindness.

It has taken several years to get to this point of launching our own Wound Care & Vascular service and we are excited to be sharing this journey with you. We had to study, train hard and acquire the skills and expertise to deliver on our promise.

Following my adult nurse training in Aberdeen, Scotland I studied three years for an MSc Advancing Practice in Tissue Viability and then went on to study a further seven years for a Doctorate in Health Research while working full time in the NHS. Why? Well, to be able to offer a cutting-edge specialist expertise for my patients.  Lukla has never stopped studying, training, working, researching and pushing himself through the speciality of Vascular Surgery; those of us who know him will agree that he is extremely modest about his outstanding clinical and surgical skills both in the operating theatre and in the consultation room, always well-liked and highly respected by the patients, staff and his peers. That is what makes this collaboration great!

Lukla and I have always shared our knowledge and expertise, learning from each other. Soon we realised how patients could greatly benefit from our joint involvement, in a multidisciplinary fashion. As a nurse, I have learnt so much from Lukla’s vascular perspective and also the enormous commitment, perseverance and stamina it takes to be a vascular surgeon. I know he thinks the same of the nursing profession and during the COVID-19 pandemic, while working in London’s ICU, he was particularly impressed and empathetic with nurses working above and beyond to deliver care for sick patients. In a way, I would like to think we complement each other: I provide an insight into nursing he may not have and vice versa. Ultimately, patients benefit from our collaboration and that is really wonderful.

You may ask why we have decided to set up our own company. We have always felt that care should be delivered tailored to the person’s needs, whether that be in their own home, over a video consultation or in a clinical treatment room. It should be accessible in a timely and consistent manner, delivered proficiently and with good manners. We believe in getting the basics right and laying the foundation for patients’ trust and positive experience. We want to try and remove the “red tape” that can stop patients getting the care they need and deserve in a timely manner. We want to give patients the option of coming directly to us.

Together, Lukla and I, bring you our best of Vascular Surgery and Tissue Viability expertise. To be able to work in a way that works for patients and to give back to local communities and clinicians. We have spent years looking after patients and witnessing first-hand healing and patients getting their lives back. It is often the smallest gesture that makes the most impact: mainly taking our time to speak with people who are experiencing life-changing and debilitating wounds or vascular conditions, ensuring the patient’s experience is positive: in other words, listening to their stories.

Living with a wound can change your whole life, impairing your work, mobility, sleep and relationships. Wounds can be painful and people living with them can sometimes feel isolated and with loss of control. People may have had previous varied experiences and feel they want to take charge again and seek a second opinion.  Often people look for consistency of care and someone they can trust to look after their wound. We believe that consistency is key to patients’ experience and satisfaction and we aim to deliver on both.

Life with a vascular condition can be debilitating and often the thought of seeing a surgeon can seem daunting. We have always held the concept of “treating people as we would like our loved ones to be treated”.  You will have time to go through your assessment with the Consultant and ask questions, medical terminology and procedures will be explained so that you understand and repeated if needed.

Together, our service brings professional collaboration to another level. We value the role of joint nursing and medical expertise in healthcare: as clinicians, we both have important roles in a patients’ journey.

“The person we operate on is not just a physiologic mechanism. He has the properties of thinking and fear. Nothing can replace the comforting contact. Creatures made as much of sense as flesh require understanding and assistance in times of trouble” Rene’ Leriche, La Philosophie de la Chirurgie, 1951

We look forward to posting our next blog and to the many exciting projects ahead. Watch this space!

If you would like to book an appointment with Vascular & Wound Care and speak with Jemell and/or Lukla please use this link