About Us

Bringing personalised care to you while supporting local services and clinicians
Investing in the future of healthcare for nurses and doctors

Why Choose Us

  • We encompass the values of what is important to you as we share decisions based on your choice, our expertise and the best possible outcome for you

  • We pride ourselves on a positive experience, expertise and kindness

  • With years of experience, we aim to assess, treat and prevent

  • Continuity matters and we will work to ensure we achieve this

  • We do understand the impact of living with a wound or vascular condition – we can help!

  • You are not alone; we can provide you with the support to help you on the road to recovery

  • If we cannot help, we will refer you on to the most suitable clinician

Who We Are

We are clinicians, experts in our field who believe in providing you with an excellent, personalised service and positive experience from start to finish encompassing the values of: Consistency, Safety and Care.

Mr Lukla Biasi
Mr Lukla BiasiPhD Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Dr Jemell Geraghty
Dr Jemell GeraghtyDHRes MSc BN RGN, Consultant Nurse

Our Mission

To see you promptly, assess you accurately and provide you with state of the art treatment and advice

Our Vision

Excellence based on continuity, experience and the personal touch!

Our Promise

You will feel better in yourself, empowered and confident with your care

What we do

We provide face-to-face or video consultation vascular and/or wound care consultations, whatever works for you.

Home visits can be arranged – please contact us to discuss your catchment area

We do not review children under the age of 18 however we can direct you to the appropriate services

  • Professional & Expert Consultation
  • Listen to your previous experiences, your story and journey

  • Support for family and carers

  • Education & Health Promotion

  • Support for Self-Care

  • Detailed plan of care & follow-up

How we do it

First and foremost, we love what we do! We offer a comprehensive vascular and wound care service to suit your needs.

It is important for us to involve you and, if you wish, your family and carers in your plan of care. We appreciate the value of having loved ones up to date with diagnosis and treatment and pride ourselves on a holistic and positive experience. You will be reviewed by us in person and will continue to have contact with us during your treatment. We are flexible and intuitive to your needs and will always work with you addressing your requirements.

If we are unable to offer you the services you require to suit your needs, we will offer advice and recommendations

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We are here to respond to any query you may have.