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Healthcare is Changing: now more than ever you have choices about who cares for you and your family. People want to experience care that is efficient, consistent and care that works. Vascular and Wound Care is a local London company, run by experts in the field who have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of patients living with these conditions.

We invest in our training and education to ensure we are up to speed with the latest technology and best evidence so that you can experience the art and science of healing. We believe that patients should have options about their vascular & wound care, whether that be an initial consultation, a second opinion or a virtual meeting. We are here for you whatever the need!


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“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me …
I cannot forget you took time on a Sunday to call me and give me early notice of my operation.
I deeply appreciate your care, the result of which has been a rapid recovery and a feeling of renewed optimism about my medical future.
…I look forward to meeting you again in due course.”


“ Thank you very much for the new appointment you have given me. I have nothing but the highest praise for the brilliant work that you and your team are doing. You really are exceptional people with your immense skill, kindness and dedication and I applaud you.”


“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your conduct of my carotid surgical procedure. I am fully aware that your skills and personal application in all aspects of the Carotid Endarterectomy, before, during and after the operation, have left me in a much improved medical condition for which I and my family will be eternally thankful.
…I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“Thank you for everything you did for me. All the nurses and staff that looked after me, treated me like a human being, not a number, answered my questions. Thank you again”


“I would like you to know how grateful I am for helping me so much! Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think and worry about how you all are coping working in the hospitals at this dangerous time. I do hope you are all well and managing to keep healthy.”


“The wound is improving visibly daily, from week to week there are noticeable and quantifiable changes. Since the surgery Mr. Biasi performed and the adoption of [recommended wound care], the improvement has been steady. The entire M. family extends our enormous and heart-felt thanks to Mr. Biasi for advocating so strongly on my mother’s behalf.”


“Just wanted to thank you for taking care of my mum last week.
Happy to say that she went home – both legs intact – and has been doing well over the weekend, more mobile, eating again, stronger and breathing better.
I know we have a long road ahead, but you got her over this bump and I am very grateful for your care. Thank you so much.”


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